The University of West Florida (UWF) Camellia Garden is a collaboration between the University of West Florida, the Pensacola Camellia Club and the UWF Retired Employee Association designed to showcase Pensacola registered varieties along with camellias from around the world. This garden was established in 2007 as a combined partnership as the University was preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The newly formed UWF Retired Employees Association was searching for a lasting gift to the university to commemorate the occasion and the Pensacola Camellia Club was searching for a way to gather, protect and showcase a specimen of every camellia variety developed and registered by local Pensacola area hobbyists over the previous 80 years. The timing could not have been more perfect and within a few months a formal agreement was finalized. A memorandum of understanding assures the long –term care and upkeep of the garden by all three partners.

In February of 2017 with the completion of the Camellia Garden Enhancement Project in recognition of the University’s 50th anniversary, this three-fourths of an acre garden was rededicated. The garden was transformed with paved walkways, lighting, memorial benches and bricks to honor loved ones in an enduring reflective space.

Self Guided Tours: Please download or print the brochure, UWF Camellia Garden Information, to assist you on your visit to the garden.

Guided Tours are available for groups of 10 or more by appointment. Call 850-780-0410 to schedule a tour for your group.

The UWF Camellia Garden is a part of the American Camellia Society’s Gulf Coast Camellia Trail Gardens, which includes many public gardens with significant camellia collections for you to enjoy.

Plan to attend our PCC Guided Tour of the UWF Camellia Garden on Sunday February 23, 2025. Visitors will be transported via golf carts driven by the UWF Student Ambassadors from the parking lots to the garden and back. PCC Members are on hand to welcome visitors and distribute brochures about the garden and PCC club events. Visitors can watch our members demonstrate pruning, air-layering and plant reduction.

One of the original 1937 members and past president of the club was the late, John Edwards. He and his wife, Mary Ellen Edwards, left their mark on the club and its members. Pictured here are their daughters, Ellen and Mary Kaye who came to the garden tour. The red camellia behind them, the bench and the bricks are in memory of their parents. Their father propagated and registered the ‘John Edwards,’ a Japonica, dark red color, very large bloom in 1975.

Directions to UWF Camellia Garden

Get custom directions by using the “directions” link within the map or use the information below.

If heading east on 9 Mile Road you will turn North/left at University Pkwy. At the UWF entrance turn right at the light onto Campus Dr., at the next light turn left at Campus Lane than right back onto Campus Dr. your heading to Parking Lot W.

Coming from Pace area/East on Alt 90 use the UWF East Entrance turning right onto Campus Dr. At the light turn right onto Campus Lane than right back onto Campus Dr. your heading to Parking Lot W.