Welcome to Pensacola Camellia Club

Established in 1937, our members continue on with the tradition of fostering the education of camellia care, propagation and exhibition for generations.

On the third Tuesday of the month, our Club meetings offer speakers and demonstrations with many opportunities for hands on experiences. The 2021-2022 Camellia season begins in September and goes through April with programs on camellias, gibbing, air-layering, grafting, and bloom harvesting for show winners.

This year we are excited to expand our camellia plant sales to community events, Quarterly Sales at the Garden Center and at Saturday’s Palafox Market. In December, we will have our 83rd Annual Camellia Show at The Garden Center located at 1850 N. 9th Avenue, Pensacola, Florida along with camellia plant sales. We also have scheduled a new event in February, title ‘Salute to the Winter Rose, the Camellia.’ This will include conversation with demonstrations about the growth and care of camellias as we match wines to the color of camellias.

Check out our calendar to see all of our other camellia events, and join us the third Tuesday of the month at the Garden Center, located at 1850 N 9th Avenue in Pensacola, Florida. Social begins at 6:30 pm followed by the program at 7:00 pm.

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