Camellias Are Sold October – March.

Link to available inventory can be found at bottom of page during sales season.

The Pensacola Camellia Club has a well developed system for acquiring and propagating some of the most highly prized varieties of camellias. In the spring, we air layer camellias in our members’ gardens, and in the fall we harvest and pot the air layers at our T. Morris Shade House. Despite the vast number of varieties, finding the right plant for the right spot is as easy as knowing what the options are for your yard. Call Trumin Brown for the right spot. He will review our current inventory and give you advice on color, form, bloom size and location. If there is a special camellia that you wish to add to your collection but have not found he may be able to locate it for you. He can be reached at 850-375-4541 or

Shade House is located at 3279 Pine Forest Rd, Cantonment FL. Click here to view on map.

If you did not find what you were looking for, other resources to review are the Atlantic Coast Camellia Society’s Camellia Picture Library or the American Camellia Society’s Camellia Encyclopedia.

For a University of Florida Soil Test – click here.

New Inventory Selection Coming Fall 2024.