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Identifying an unknown
Dr. Gordon Eade, left,
and Dr. Bill Bennett view large camellia plant
From left, Bill Bennett, Gordon
Eade, Norman Vickers and Ms. Felicia Barnes examine a camellia bloom.
collecting cuttings for grafting.  From left, Gordon Eade, Felicia Barnes, Dick Hooton and Bill Bennett


Members of the Pensacola Camellia Club made its first consulting trip. A team of four members traveled to Wewahitchka, FL to offer their services to identify plants in a long-established camellia garden. Felicia Barnes is current owner of property which was used by her late grandfather Medie Rogers as a commercial nursery. Mr. Rogers had property around his house, approximately one city block, which he used as camellia nursery. According to Mrs. Barnes, his wholesale business flourished from the early 1950s until the early 1970s. During that time, Mr. Barnes made buying trips searching for quality plants. His wholesale nursery supplied plants for clients in Alabama, Georgia and Northwest Florida.

Richard Hooton, longtime Camellia Club member, said, "Our club will help identify unknown varieties and advise about care for camellias. Camellia blooming season, of course, is ideal time to identify the particular variety. In this instance, we made the long-distance trip to assist Ms.Barnes on identifying her unknown varieties and give advice about possibility of moving some of these older plants to a new area. Normally our advice is sought closer to Pensacola." Accompanying Hooton were Dr. Bill Bennett, retired horticulture professor; Dr. Gordon Eade, camellia grower and retired professor of education and Dr. Norman Vickers, camellia enthusiast and retired M. D.

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