Pensacola Camellia Club Delores Edwards  Carl Brady

2009 Camellia Garden Tour


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Gordon Eade and Norman Vickers ham it up
Leland Leonard leads a tour group
Leland Leonard shares his passion
Leland Leonard shows a camellia bloom.jpg
Reid Leonard & Gordon Eade.jpg


Thanks to Carl Brady and Reid Leonard for opening their gardens for the garden tours this year and a big thanks those the members that took the time to volunteer at the gardens this year:“T”, Joan Blanchard, Dick Hooton, Barbara Moon and Al Jeppson volunteered at Carl Brady’s.

Norman Vickers, Gordon Eade, Dennis Kohli, Sandra Sherman and Judy Kerr volunteered at Reid Leonard’s. Also a big thanks to Leyland Leonard for being the tour guide at Reid’s. The weather was beautiful and we had over 100 people visit the gardens. This year we had plants for sale and I do believe that was a big draw for people coming to visit the gardens. A special treat was a van-full of Canadians from Quebec who had read about our tour in the paper. Concierge from the hotel called to get precise directions. The ladies in that party were amazed at the blooms and tried to photograph one of each variety. Wow!

We did sign up a couple of new members during the tours and sold most of the plants Dick Hooton had at both gardens. It was a big success this year. Thanks to all who participated. Those who didn’t missed a wonderful time Judy Kerr, Membership Chairman.